State-building in Somalia: Lessons Learned & the Way Forward



East Africa Association for Research and Development (DAD) will organize its second East Africa Development Forum under the theme "State-building in Somalia: Lessons Learned & the Way Forward" on 8-9 March 2023 in Mogadishu. The forum which will be hosted by three universities in Somalia: Mogadishu University, Hormuud University and Benadir University, aims to bring together renowned individuals from academia, professionals, politicians, bureaucrats, civil society leaders, and representatives of outstanding local and international institutions involved in Somalia`s state-building process. 

In two days, participants will evaluate the evolution of Somalia’s state-building process that has been going as the first steps of reconciliation was taken after the collapse of Somalia’s central authority. In the forum, discussions will revolve on challenges to Somalia’s state-building, lessons learned during the civilian government and the military regime and post state collapse period. Participants will exchange accumulated knowledge on proper foundations and strategies to inform decision-makers and illuminate the road for a sustainable and progressive state-building practice.

The format of the conference will be hybrid - with talks presented simultaneously in Mogadishu and online via Zoom. It combines the presentation of academic papers, keynote speeches, and panel discussions. It will offer an opportunity for discussion between policymakers and scholars. It also offers opportunities for interventions to be discussed collectively and contributions from online participants. The languages of the conference will be Somali, Arabic, and English, and translations will be provided. DAD will provide facilitations at the conference site and may provide tickets and accommodations for a selected number of individuals whose contributions are deemed significant.

The conference will focus on the following thematic areas: 

       The causes of post-independence state failure

       The way out of the federalism and constitutional stalemate

       The road toward practical and comprehensive reconciliation

       New foreign policy directions for Somalia

       The local ownership in the state-building

       Re-examining the role of the international community in Somalia’s state building

       The reform toward effective security institutions

       Policy approaches that drive economic growth

DAD will accept abstracts related to the above-mentioned thematic approaches. The abstracts and resumes will be submitted before 15 December 2022, while the full paper should be submitted before 1 February 2023 to The abstracts should be 250-300 words, while the full report could be no more than 5000 words. The accepted full papers will be published in a conference proceeding book later.

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