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Gamal M. Hassan Somali Minister of Investment, Planning & Economic Development


 Mr. Gamal M. Hassan made one of the key opening speeches. He encouraged efforts towards fostering the relations between two nations and described as a privilege attending the timely discussions in crafting concrete strategies for the development of Somalia and its partnership with Turkey.Turkey’s efforts in Somalia increased after Erdogan’s visit in 2011 during the famine crisis. The successful development partnership model of Turkey includes thousands of scholarship programs, businesses, and support in the security sector. Despite the constraints, the potential upside for private partnership is huge and will lead to resilience and growth alongside profitability.The untapped potential of Somalia is huge. Not a single sector currently operates fully to the maximum, not even at the regional level. The early market entry cannot only shape the market but can rapidly expand and create viable business in the long-run… the high growth sectors include … agriculture, energy, financial and insurance market, healthcare, education transportation, ICT and construction.