Daily Archives: February 19, 2018

Senior Management from Ryada and Aman Foundation Visit DAD HQ

On February 16 senior individuals from the Aman foundation visited DAD head-quarters. DAD management welcomed the guests which included director of Ryada, an organization that trains students and gives them scholarship opportunities Dr. Mohammed Abdirahman. Senior management from both DAD and Ryada had a fruitful meeting and discussed ways in they can cooperate in their […]

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Islam and Rebuilding Somali State: Rhetoric and Reality by Dr. Abdurahman Baadiyow

On February 17, DAD organized a program themed ‘Islam and Rebuilding Somali State: Rhetoric and Relaity’. The program’s key speaker was the prominent islamist, civil society leader and pioneer in Somali reconciliation conferences Dr. Abdurahman M. Abdullah ‘Baadiyow’. In his inspiring speech Baadiyow said that in order to rebuild a strong Somali state ther must […]

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