First Session of DAD Youth Round-Table is Held

First Session of DAD Youth Round-Table is Held

On Saturday, November 4th, 2017 East Africa Association for Research & Development, shortly known as DAD, organized a Round-Table for youth leaders and activists. The meeting was opened with the inspiring speech of DAD president, Ali Sheikh Ahmed. Also, a short and introductory speech about DAD is given by Hassan Abdi Hassan, a member of DAD’s staff. Participants included the head of Somali Students Union in Istanbul, director of Somali Voice, head of Somali Health Students Club, WeAreOne and other prominent youth activists in Istanbul.

The meeting was held in the head-quarter of DAD. Discussions on the challenges faced by youth are made. Participants made a deep and analytical exchange of ideas on youth-related issues, alternative solutions to challenges and ways to create programs that will create a critical impact on the success of youth and youth-related initiatives.

The first session of DAD Round-Table was intended to galvanize the young people from East Africa, electrify their sprit on developing sustainable solutions to the challenges faced the youth and students brainstorming and creative initiatives. From now on, this round-table program will be an ongoing series program that will attract the East African youth and give them a platform to take actions and bring ideas.

The Round-Table
The President, Ali Sheikh Ahmed

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