East Africa Association for Development and Research launching ceremony

East Africa Association for Development and Research launching ceremony

The Saturday 22 of July of 2017 was a historic day for the   East Africa Association for development and research team as launching day where an opening ceremony was held at Holyday Inn Hotel in Istanbul. A number of intellectuals, business people, students and civil society activists gathered to witness the kick off of this new organization. To reach up to this point was not an easy for the DAD team members, huge efforts were preceded before the event like legal requirements, documents, and all elements necessary for the institution. The guests are pleased to witness such a tremendous work which will contribute the interconnectedness between east Africa region and the republic of turkey in the area of research, development, business, and humanitarian work. The speakers and guests have agreed on the significance of this organization as a stepping stone to the goal of promoting peace and development in the east African region.

Among the honorable guests attended the ceremony was the advisor of the Turkish embassy in Somalia his Excellency Mr. Ahmed Aktürkoğlu, welcomed the new organization and insisted the importance of civil society in strengthening the bonds between his country and African countries also he underlined the Turkey’s unequivocal commitment towards Africa continent. It is worth to remark that in the last fifteen years relations with Africa constitutes one of the prime orientations of Turkish foreign policy and currently Turkey has with Africa economic relations with more than twenty-five billion dollars. On the other hand, Mr. Moin Naim researcher and specialist in  Turkish Affairs, insisted in his speech the importance of research for getting effective solutions to political and social problems in the underdeveloped countries.

At the end of the ceremony the director general of east Africa association for development and research Dr.Ali sheik Ahmed took the speech, first, he extended his warmest welcome to the participants of the ceremony and gave gratitude to the organizers and members of the organization for their effort. The director summed up the stages been cut to reach this level, the efforts made and ambitions which are this organization is established for. He urged the importance of the bilateral relationships between the republic of turkey and Africa for the peace and development internationally and regionally. And he elaborated the very tight correlation between research and development, the indispensable role of information and knowledge in this era which characterized by innovation and lack of stability in all levels.


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